Girls Varsity Track · Varsity track does well at Relays!!

As only Coach Ovi can recap:


 We had another good race, congratulations girls!

 We ran ROYAL OAK RELAYS having 15 girls in the team , competing on 6 events. We end up winning 2, finishing 2nd in one and 3rd on another event.

 The performances are very good considering the gusty wind!

 Here are the results:

 4x1600m : MAYA [5;41,7 -fast time!] -REGAN [6:29,1- very good first half]-LANIE [6’03,9 -keep doing a great job!]- AINSLIE [5:58,8-very fast finish!] ran 24.11,40 finishing 2nd overall, congratulations!

 SPRINT MEDLEY RELAY :SOREN [excellent start]-SOPHIA [also a good run]-JAHIA [you ran your fastest 200m ever] -NYLA [splendid effort!] ran 2;03,30 finishing 3rd, well done!

 4x200m RELAY : SOREN [very good for…180m]-SOPHIA [always solid run]-HADLEY [very efficient]- CHRISTINE [strong and keep learning about 200m] finished 6th running 2:02,90

 4x800m RELAY: ERIN 2:29,4 [season best]- BELLA 2:34,5 [personal record, congratulations!]- LANIE 2:48,6 [still a good time after you ran a fast mile]- AINSLIE 2:38,1 [2 very good races, back to back!] won by a big margin, running 10:32,4, Congratulations girls!

 4x100m RELAY finished 8th , running 56,8 was a very good experience for all 4 freshman from our team, nice job CAROLINE R-YASMEEN-EMMA-JILLIAN!

  MIDDLE DISTANCE RELAY -800M-400M-400M-1200M was another success for MARIAN! Winning in a convincing victory and running on 9:03,50! congratulations ERIN 2:28,8 -HADLEY 68,7 [first 400m ever1]- NATALIE 71,3 [had been a while since you ran a 400m !] -MAYA 4:12,2 [good run!] 

  THE SURPRISE OF THE DAY WAS NYLA , very impressive 400m run, you also moved the relay on 3rd place and you ran 64,8 on a strong wind!

  AINSIE ran 2 good races, SOPHIA kept everything under control, HADLEY had a new and good experience [400m], BELLA ran a excellent 800m, LANIE set a fast personal record at the mile!

 THE PEFORMANCE OF THE DAY CAME FROM ERIN, 2 EXCELLENT 800M, BOTH UNDER 2:30 on non ideal weather conditions!

 Enjoy the weekend,