Girls Varsity Track · Marian wins dual track meet!!

Hello and congratulations!

What a day, how close it was the score despite the fact we won 10 out of 16 events! And what a show on the last event, the one who decided the winner! Thank you ISA for recuperating 50m and running fantastic!

 Thank you to all the parents who helped us , timing and with field events, thank you for being part of the track and field family. We have a very young team, with a very nice potential and we are going to have a very good season!


 Here are the results:

 HIGH JUMP ; we had 3 out of 4 girls who never jump before, not even at the practice!

 -1st place with a wonderful performance HADLEY -4.08- congratulations!

 -2nd place CHRISTINE -4.04 -first time scoring points for Marian!

 -3rd place SOPHIA 4.04 also a great jump!

 -4th place SOPHIE 4.2 -looking forward to see how much you will improve!


 DISCUS [my regrets we did not had a chance to prepare this event], all 4 of you did well!

 -KENZIE 62.02.1/2

 -KAIYA 47.04

 -MARY 39.07

 -RILEY 37.0

SHOT PUT -a better event, well done ladies!

 -KENZIE 23.05.1/2- second place!!!

 -KAIYA 21.04

 -MARY 20.04

 -RILEY 18.06

LONG JUMP – all the girls but Ellie never did long jump before!

– SOPHIA 13.04

-SOREN 12.11

-NAIHLA 12,03

-ELLIE 11.08.1/2

-SOPHIE 11.03.1/2

100M HURDLES -NAIHLA very close to the 3rd place, ran 21,40, nice job!

4x800m RELAY -NATALIE-LANIE-REGAN-AINSLIE won after a great show! Very close race running “neck on neck” till the finish line, congratulations!

 100m DASH

-NYLA -splendid victory and a very fast time; 13,81

-SOREN -3rd place 14,39

-EMMA -4th place 14.74

-JAHIA 14,77

-YASMEEN -15,21


-SOPHIA T 16,24


4X200M RELAY won by a big margin having 3 girls who never ran this relay before! Excellent run by BELLA-SOPHIA -HADLEY-CHRISTINE!

1600M was a nice “battle” having as a winner one of the best runners in our league.

 -MAYA 5;41, very solid run, second place!

 -REGAN 6;23- nice run after a very good 4x800m

 -NATALIE 6:31- getting there…

 -JILLIAN 7;38

 -ASHLEY 8;01

 -LYDIA 8;22

4X100M RELAY , we had 2 relays in the finishing in the front of REGINA! And the “thrower” relay ran very good too! congratulations girls!




400M dash we had 2 girls, we got the 1st and 2nd place, wonderful job girls!

-ISA 64,74

-BELLA 67,14

300M HURDLES running for the first time ever, this technical event:

-NYLA 57,89 -3rd place

-JAHIA 59,40-4th place

800m -a event where we have a good tradition:

-ERIN 2;31,74 -Beautiful victory!

-AINSLIE 2:40,6 -good time after splendid effort on 4×800!

-LANIE 2;47- congratulations

-ELLIE 3:26

200M -another Marian victory!

-ISA 27,99, 1st place after a short recovery winning open 400m!

-HADLEY 29,74- nice, nice and nice!


-EMMA 31,33

-YASMEEN 32,14


-SOPHIE 35,80

-NAIHLA 36,14


3200M -all of you have my respect running your second event, the longest one on this wind, well done!

-MAYA 12;24-splendid victory, congratulations!


-ANA 15:53.

 Remarkable effort , before the 3200m MAYA ran a fast mile and MARYCLARE-SHANNON-ANA -MADELINE S ran a 4x800m relay!

4x400m relay was the last event and a “TRILLER”! It was the event who named the winner of the meet! ERIN ran first, BELLA was 2nd, AINSLIE ran against Grace, the fastest Regina girl and ISA did the impossible coming back from 50m behind, and closing in the most spectacular way, 61,9 her spit time! WOW! On a strong wind!

 This was a great example of team work; we scored points at shot put , we had first, second and 3rd place at high jump, we won all 4 relays, we also won 100m, 200, 400m, 800m and 3200m! We “fight” for every point!

 The SURPRISE OF THE DAY was HADLEY! Winning high jump, 2nd place at 200m and being in winning relays 4x200m and 4x100m! Congratulations!

 MAYA had a great day, ERIN run very fast on windy day, BELLA impressed again, AINSLIE had a season best and she brought the victory on 4x800m, NYLA ..rock and she won 100m and 4x100m, SOPHIA was on 4 events ,winning 2 relays! THE PERFORMANCE OF THE DAY CAME FROM ISA , she was amazing on 400m, 200m and…SPEECHLESS on 4x400m relay!